Danyang Zhao

Danyang Zhao started her career as a successful illustrator in the publishing industry in China. 2008 she settled in Berlin. Today she makes her name known in the cultural scene of Berlin as a curator, a media artist, a professional intercultural project manager, a publisher and a human rights activist.

Due to the constat threat from CCP (Chinese Comunist Party) overseas powe, she has to maintain a low profile and keeps her personal figure in the digital word as untraceable as possible.

A personal statement:

I find my home in Berlin as a drop of water finds home in the ocean. It doesn`t matter to me if what I do is given a lot of credit here. The most important things is, that I have the freedom to do it here and when I do it, I also enhance the freedom for everyone else here. A drop of water doesn`t need more attention than other drops, but they are togheter to make the ocean to be an ocean.