Stephanie Ballantine, Production

Posted on September 8, 2021 by Stephanie Ballantine

Stephanie Ballantine (UK 1984) is a producer, photographer and installation artist. She grew up as a theatre actor and director, before receiving her BA in Politics and Philosophy from the University of Sheffield in 2006, and a degree in Photography at Leeds College of Art and Design. Since her move to Berlin in 2010, she has created installation platforms for performance artists, curated visual artists around the field of digital media and photography, and facilitated artist discussions, screenings and art events. Currently Studying at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie, her field of interest lies around ‘The Self Portrait’ and works with herself, Sex Workers, and activist groups to create works. She is currently working on a photography project named ‘Degrade Me’ to be released in 2022.

She was a co-ordinator, facilitator and curator at FK-Galerie and FK-Kollektiv Berlin for 5 years, curating exhibitions such as ‘sync, psych self (sic) ‘ – a photographic self portrait exhibition, and installations such as ‘Weplay4unow’.

Stephanie has exhibited all over the world in solo and group exhibitions including: Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, Eigenart-Lab (Berlin), Aether (Sofia), Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art, Space Gallery (Puerto Rico), Pantocrátor Gallery (Shanghai), NGBK (Berlin), KW Institute for Contemporary Art (Berlin), Tate (Liverpool). She has been featured and published in Der Fritag, Der Greif, KALTBLUT Magazine, Der Tag Spiegel, Wire magazine…