ROMANISTAN: Romaday live-stream from the Maxim Gorki Theater


10:00-19:30 CET


Brought together by one of the initiators of the First World Roma Congress, Grattan Puxon, Roma activists from various countries around the world developed a diverse programme that will be broadcast from Berlin to the whole world on 8th April – based at the Maxim Gorki Theater, the “headquarters” of the 1st Roma Biennale 2018. The unique programme shows live flash mobs and protests (among others against the exclusion of immigrant Roma in the UK after Brexit), a documentary video from the historical location of the first Congress in 1971 in Orpington near London, video interviews with witnesses of the First Congress produced especially for this event, videos about the situation of Roma in various European countries and its development over the last 50 years, and live music from the Gorki. The complete programme is available at

With the solidary and friendly support of the Maxim Gorki Theater.

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