Sujatro Ghosh

Sujatro Ghosh is a multi-disciplinary artist and activist based in Berlin. His art actively criticizes the hegemonic power structures and institutionalised mechanisms of injustice. The artist from Tollygunge (Kolkata) works with queer rights, diasporic tensions, women rights. He believes, art that initiates a conversation about social action makes it a form of political protest which requires the Othered voices to be heard. This urgency to fight for the right cause, to bring a change, is what he wishes to convey through his art. He aims to use culture as a weapon to develop conversations around the revolution.

Sujatro Ghosh, indischer Künstler und Aktivist.

The Cow Mask Project:

The cow mask project started off as a silent form of protest against the growing injustices in India. The concept behind it is to visually illustrate the dichotomy behind our misplaced priorities, where the chances of delivering almost immediate justice to a cow that has been harmed is higher by several degrees than to a woman who has been raped, or molested or been subjected to domestic violence. The idea is to create awareness through photographing women in public and private spaces wearing the mask of a cow – thereby raising quite literally the question:

“Do women need to be cows in order to feel safe in this country?”