Riah Knight

Born in 1996 to activist parents and named after her Romani great-grandmother, Riah’s music is characterised by her evocative lyrics and laidback sultry vocals, incorporating jazz harmony and a twist of folk, her soulful voice takes you on a journey across continents and young heartbreak.

Riah made her first breakthrough appearances opening for both Jimmy Webb and Portico Quartet while resident artist at the London Roundhouse in 2017. Following these early successes, Riah continued to write music while also working with Just Jack on two of his albums. While just finding her feet in the UK music world, at the age of twenty Riah relocated her life to Berlin to work on a groundbreaking theatre project exploring the politics of Roma identity in Europe, which led her to work with director Yael Ronen on a series of productions at The Maxim Gorki Theatre. In between rehearsals and tours across Europe, Riah started writing for film and also recorded and released collaborations with several hip hop and jazz artists in Berlin and back in the UK. In 2020 she began to also work in the Berlin freie theatre scene, co-developing the sellout show ‘BANG!’ with feminist theatre collectiveGlossy Pain. Her debut single ‘Knight in Neukölln’, was described as ‘a gem’ by Jazz News Paris, and was released with independent Berlin label Get Together in 2021.