Patricia Pientka

Patricia Pientka grew up in a family that lived between Germany and Spain and still today she lives this multi-based way of life. Currently, her bases are in Berlin and India. In Berlin, she studied contemporary history and philosophy and is sometimes still active in several projects around the history and presence of Sinti and Roma in Berlin. In 2013, her study Das Zwangslager für Sinti und Roma in Berlin-Marzahn. Alltag, Verfolgung und Deportation was published. Two years later and after a decade of practicing Yoga, Pientka found her way to India and became a Yoga teacher. Since then, she has emerged herself deeply into the holistic system of Yoga and spends many months per year studying with her teachers. As a result of her Yoga practice, she could finally detach from a lifelong search for belonging and discovered a space of wholeness and oneness that she loves to hold and share with everybody joining her for Yoga and meditation practices.