Ludovic Versace

Ludovic Versace is an artist, currently living in Lyon, France. He graduated from Emile Cohl Art School where he teaches today. He mainly works with animated images, combining drawing and videos in fictional or documentary projects. His commitment and his involvement in political field led him to the Parisian suburbs (Seine Saint Denis) where he joined the anti-racist organization La voix des Rroms(„The Voice of the Rroms”) in which he worked for several years on the creation of Rromani resistance iconography  using different supports (video report, documentary, cartoon, logo, poster, photography, sculpture etc.). He is also a martial arts practitioner since childhood and a Chinese boxing instructor. As such he develops a reflection on martiality in political organizations which nourishes his artistic work and his political action. He is one of the co-founders of the Yag Bari popular education project that he developed and coordinated from 2014 to 2020. He teaches, through an inclusive and emancipatory social pedagogy, boxing and Kung Fu to marginalized groups of youngsters.He is currently working on a sculptural work in tribute to resistance fighter and activist Raymond Gurême who died in 2020 as well as on the development of documentary film.