Kristóf Horváth

Kristóf Horváth was born in Budapest, where he currently lives and works. He is also known as Színész Bob (Actor Bob) and comes from a theatrical background, that’s why he would prefer to avoid drama, but that is also why he can’t.

His family didn’t want him to play any musical instruments, so he had to use speech to arrive at the delusion of being a musician. Kristóf Horváth has been working as a theatre and film actor for over 15 years and played in 1 hét awarded Best Hungarian Short Film by student jury (2004), Gyengébb napok awarded Best Short Film in Hungary (2008) and Sturmland shown at the Berlin International Film Festival (2014). Moreover, he is two times National Poetry Slam Championship winner, founder of the Knowledge is Power Group, a countrywide talent education system, and leads drama courses for kids.

Fearing being useless, he despises the “l’art pour l’art” ideal and is constantly fighting himself to live up to the image of the “useful artist”.