Damian Le Bas


Damian Le Bas was born in Sheffield U.K in 1963. He studied at the Royal College of Art London 1985–1987. He was one of the sixteen artists who were part ofParadise Lost, the first Roma pavilion at Venice Biennale 2007. Together with his wife, the artist Delaine Le Bas, they created Safe EuropeanHome? a series of installations that have been seen across Europe since 2011.

Gypsy Revolution and Gypsy DaDa were also two other artistic creations initiated by Damian Le Bas. In the past years, he has worked extensively with cartographies and maps. His works have been exhibited internationally since the late 1980’s includingPrague Biennale 2005&2007,Venice Biennale 2007,The Third EditionOf The Project Biennale Art D-0 Ark Underground Bosnia & Herzegovina 2015,Goteborg InternationalBiennale For Contemporary Art Extended 2015. Damian Le Bas produced the artwork and paintingsforRoma Armyat Maxim Gorki Theater Berlin 2017 and was the initiator ofCOME OUT NOW! 1stRoma Biennale 2018.Damian Le Bas died in early December 2017